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How to Effectively Deliver HR Support to Over 200,000 Employees in Australia

In the last 18 months, Woolworths has undergone a massive HR transformation, with the transition of all HR support services and 270 staff to a new shared services centre in Brisbane in November 2015. In this presentation from Shared Services and Outsourcing Week Australasia 2016, Tanya Eales, Group Head of...

Leveraging Outsourcing and Shared Services to Re-Define Finance at Sandvik

Sandvik is a global engineering group in tooling, materials technology, mining and construction, operating in over 130 countries worldwide. In this presentation from Shared Services and Outsourcing Week Australasia 2016, Jonathan Nichol, Sandvik Country Finance Manager (Australia) and GFSS Regional Service Delivery Manager APAC, Sandvik, explores Sandvik ANZ’s finance transformation,...

Implementing a Centralised Shared Service Model at QUU to Benefit from Economies of Scale

Queensland Urban Utilities provides services to 1.4 million through its $5 billion infrastructure network. They are currently in the 2nd year of a 3 year large-scale transformation journey, where they moved from a decentralised to centralised operating model and have cut down their shared services team by 50%. In this...

Does your Supply Chain Match your Procurement and Business Strategy?

Lynn Penny, Group General Manager, Procurement, Mirvac, leads Mirvac’s maturing procurement function and is currently working on understanding how procurement can collaborate with the supply chain to offer more value to the rest of the business. In this presentation from Shared Services and Outsourcing Week Australasia 2016, Lynn details the...

Driving a Whole of Enterprise Corporate Services Transformation in the Department of Education WA

In 2009,John Leaf, Former Deputy Director General Finance and Administration, Department of Education, began leading a whole of enterprise shared service transformation to achieve the State Government Policy of autonomous Independent Public Schools. The drivers of change were the devolution of responsibility and accountability to schools for staff recruitment and...

Building an SSO from the group up: 10 tips to design and implement shared services successfully

In this article, shared services leaders from a cross-section of industries, explore 10 key tips any organisation should consider when planning or launching a shared service.

Leading business transformation across functions to drive innovation: a case study on 4 different shared services journeys in HR, ICT, Procurement and Finance

In this case study, Woolworths, the Victoria University of Wellington, Microsoft (US) and Wellington City Council share insights into their business transformation journey to date and tips to help other organisations succeed in improving service delivery and reducing costs.

2016 Annual State of the Shared Services Industry Report: Australian Results - How Are Australian Shared Services Taking Advantage of Five Influential “Service" Drivers?

With much of the discussion around shared services evolution hinging on new opportunities that have only presented themselves in recent history, SSON wanted to know just how SSOs are positioning themselves to become more relevant and offer improved value in the near future. As a frame of reference, we identified...

Shared Services Maturity Index: pinpoint your current stage and identify what you should be focusing on next

To help you leverage the power of shared services, SSON has created this shared services maturity road map. Read on to identify  how to effectively prepare for planning and launching and what areas you should be focusing on next.

Interview transcript: How Queensland Shared Services Saved millions for its Clients by rolling-out self-service

In this interview, Jo Statham and Shane Harmer, Directors, Transactional Business Services at Queensland Shared Services, explore their self-service and automation strategy and roll-out plan, on-boarding and training and the impact on cost and customer experience.

In the spotlight with Maree McMahon: lessons on best practice in shared services

In this article, Maree McMahon, Executive Manager at Uniting Care Queensland, explores her tips for successful shared services implementation and the lessons other organisations can learn from her shared services journey to date.

Transitioning to GBS: Lessons Learned from Telstra

In this article, Darren Fewster, Executive Director, Global HR Shared Services and Innovation at Telstra, to find out the strategies his team is using to transition to the GBS model smoothly and how they are overcoming the challenges of balancing the move to GBS whilst maintaining quality support across existing...

How Queensland Shared Services Saved millions for its Clients by rolling-out self-service

Most public sector organisations are wary of offshoring as a solution to cost savings. Even outsourcing domestically isn’t always cost effective. As a result Queensland Shared Services are focusing on automation and self service models to generate savings and ensure that services meet client expectations. Having rolled out self service...