10-12 April, 2017 | Pullman Brisbane King George Square, Brisbane, QLD

Lakshman Ratnam

Head of Finance Shared Services, NewsCorp Australia / Former Business Trans

9:10 AM Developing a Road Map to Rollout a Successful Shared Services Model and Gain Stakeholder Buy In

Colgate is a pioneering shared service company which o ered a signifi cant contribution to the ‘rule book’ for global shared services. For almost a decade before moving to Newscorp’s, Lakshman Ratnam developed and implemented Colgate Palmolive’s global, centralized and technology enhanced delivery model with global and regional business centres in India, Mexico, Poland and Switzerland, delivering increasingly value adding services to 212 locations. 80% of Colgate’s fi nance work is now getting done in their shared service.

  • Developing a program roadmap, framework and methodology including holistic stakeholder assessment and change management
  • Providing a structured basis to transform, while minimizing business disruption and maximizing new process uptake
  • Focusing on value adding work rather than cost saving: embarking on transformation process to get the best out of existing people and resources

Now Mr. Ratnam is driving the vision for Newscorp’s fairly immature shared service, developing the blueprint to take them into the new shared service world. The key focus is gaining support from senior executives. His three key lessons; never move only for labour arbitration, distance adds cost, focus on the quality of the output and value adding; cost should be the icing on the cake.
  • Gaining buy in from stakeholders as to the capability of your shared service
  • Establishing the distinction between value adding a transactional work amongst your staff
  • Getting staff to think di erently and bring their cost saving brains to work: instilling accountability and empowerment
  • Gaining trust of senior executives in noticing the potential of shared service staff to achieve cost savings

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